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Meet Our Veterinary Team

Chris Bellinger, DVM

Dr. Bellinger grew up in rural central Arkansas. He attended Arkansas Tech University prior to transfer to Oklahoma State University, where he got his DVM in 2010. Dr. Bellinger has an interest in a variety of veterinary topics, with a particular interest on the human animal bond as well as animals as athletes (racing, endurance, agility, hunting, etc) When not working Dr. Bellinger enjoys spending time with his two children Morgan and Mari.
Dr. Bellinger has many outdoor hobbies including boating, fishing, hiking, camping, scuba diving.

Katie Snyder, DVM

Dr. Snyder grew up in Tecumseh. She attended Oklahoma State University and majored in Animal Science. She then went on to veterinary school at OSU too. She enjoys riding horses, biking and hanging out with her son, husband, dogs and friends. Her interests lie in dog and cat medicine, and she particularly likes educating clients through wellness appointments. She also enjoys detailed medical cases.

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Keeping Pets Safe and Healthy: Essential Tips for Pet Poison Prevention

According to the Pet Poison Helpline, every year, thousands of pets are affected by accidental poisoning. To raise awareness about common poisons and how we can prevent our pets from being exposed to them, Pet Poison Prevention Month is observed in March.

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